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Traffic Growth

Growth in Revenue Passenger/Tonne Kilometers, or the total distance traveled by revenue passengers/cargo

Fleet Renewal

Replacing older aircraft with the latest aircraft available today which incorporate the latest advancements in aerodynamics, propulsion, systems, and materials

Future Aircraft

Yet-to-be-released aircraft incorporating next generation airframe, systems, and propulsion technology including advanced conventional, hydrogen, and battery-electric

Operational Efficiency

More efficient flights, routes, and networks as a result of optimized weights, advanced air-traffic management (ATM) systems, and improved load factors

Renewable Energy

Energy or fuel that is derived from non-fossil pathways. Forms of renewable, on-board energy storage include sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), hydrogen and batteries

Market Based Measures

Market-based measures, also known as carbon offsets, reduce or remove greenhouse gases from sectors outside of aviation to offset the emissions produced by aviation

The team is working to share Cascade with stakeholders across the globe to inform and drive action.

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